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DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S

Minimal pressure drop - long product lifetime - made in Denmark!

DE Valves develops and manufactures fully welded steel ball valves for pre-insulation and underground installations in district energy networks.

We offer customer-specific solutions and are known for a very flexible production and high experience among our employees.

At DE Valves we never compromise on quality. Consequently, we use materials which ensure the best possible robustness and long product lifetime even under extreme conditions.

DE Valves was founded in 1974 as a manufacturer of several types of ball valves, but since a management buy-out in 2015, the company has focused solely on the production of ball valves for pre-insulation and underground installations.

In 2020, Frese A/S acquired 70% ownership of DE Valves.

Our company’s production facilities and daily management is still located in the small town of Glamsbjerg on Funen.

DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S

Bodebjergvej 22

5620 Glamsbjerg

CVR 36905778