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Global Proposal Engineer, Marine & Industry

Go-to technology person | Customer Service | Sustainability

We offer a unique opportunity to join the Frese Marine & Industry team that is driven by innovation, sustainability and high ambitions.

The marine business brings solutions to the world’s energy challenges. We develop, produce and sell solutions for global heating and cooling applications. Business has been doubled within the past three years and we strive for the same growth rates moving forward. To enable this growth, we have created a new position as Global Proposal Engineer. You will become a key player on the Frese Marine & Industry team with an interesting career path. We look forward to bringing you on board.

Key responsibilities

Your overall responsibility will be:

The daily tasks will include:

We are looking for:

You will report to Global Product Manager Rasmus Frimann Nielsen.

We offer: Development, Influence, Compensation & Impact

What to do from here: Application Instructions

If you have any questions regarding the position, please contact O’Sullivan Consulting, Birgit O’Sullivan +45 51221979.

Please send CV to birgit@osullivan.dk using the job title “Global Proposal Manager, Frese”.

There will be an ongoing assessment. All enquiries and applications will of course be handled confidentially.