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Technical capabilities Materials, specifications and typical components

Do you want a long-term relationship?

We can be...

We can be your supply chain partner who will collaborate closely with you throughout the production process, from design development, modelling, casting and machining to final testing and quality control.

We can be your one-stop solution, eliminating a lot of the complexity of having to work with several different suppliers. We will also be your trouble shooter in all matters related to quality and delivery times.

We can help solve challenges with construction and materials by taking advantage of the newest principles and techniques of process simulation and tolerance documentation.

The most important thing we sell is trust. Our business is built on close, long term relationships with our customers, some of whom have worked with us for decades.

Made in Denmark

Our central location in Northern Europe means that we are close to most of our customers, geographically as well as culturally. We understand your business and the challenges you face. And we are always close at hand and ready to help.

We are a relatively small company, and we believe that this is a significant advantage for our customers. Our chain of command is short and clear, which allows us to be an extremely flexible partner. When we receive your blueprints, we are quick to determine if we can help you with your product and meet your requirements.

We value communication with our customers above all else, and it is always easy to reach the right person, regardless of the issue.

High-tech production methods

At the simulation stage, we use the latest MAGMA-soft simulation software to complete filling and solidification calculations as well as stress and distortion analysis.

We also rely heavily on 3D printing of prototypes, which has raised Frese to a new level in recent years, and our expertise in this process puts us in a very strong market position. This enables rapid prototyping and provides extreme flexibility when it comes to changing and optimising prototypes.

All of our raw castings, patterns, moulds and cores are inspected via 3D scanning, which ensures validation of geometry for prototypes.

Our technical capabilities

In the pdf document here, you will find an overview of our precise technical capabilities in terms of materials, specifications and typical components.

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