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Frese OPTIMA Compact HCR

Pressure independent control valve

Frese OPTIMA Compact HCR pressure independent balancing & control valves (PIBCV) are used in Industrial applications for heating & cooling of processes and process control.

Frese OPTIMA Compact HCR provides modulating control with full authority regardless of any fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system.

Frese OPTIMA Compact HCR combines an externally adjustable automatic balancing valve, a differential pressure control valve and a full authority modulating control valve.

Frese OPTIMA Compact HCR makes it simple to achieve 100% control of the water flow in the system, while creating high stability and energy savings at the same time.

An additional benefit is that no balancing is required if further stages are added to the system, or if the dimensioned capacity is changed.

Energy saving due to optimal control, lower flow and pump pressure. Maximized ΔT due to faster response and increased system stability.