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Frese Academy

Advanced application knowledge and know-how

District Energy

Operation of your heating application in new and intelligent ways

Valves for Marine & Industrial Applications

Dynamic valves manufactured from high corrosion resistant materials

Valves & Controls for HVAC applications

Efficient indoor climate control for buildings

Metal and Steel Foundry

Customised component solutions for the toughest applications

Working Together
To provide innovative fluid control and component solutions for our target markets

Frese Group News

5.1.2024 | Company announcement: Claus Thorsted Frese has passed away
It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden passing of Claus Thorsted Frese on 3 January 2024.
20.12.2023 | The Frese Marine team is expanding
Frese Marine fortifies the team, appointing key roles to drive growth in APAC & MEA and in project engineering & contract execution.
20.12.2023 | Frese FUELSAVE® retrofit results in impressive savings
DFDS passenger-cargo ferry Luna Seaways recently completed a turnkey Frese FUELSAVE® retrofit implementation, reducing pump energy...
20.12.2023 | Breaking news! Patent granted for our Frese FUELSAVE® technology
We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic achievement: the Frese FUELSAVE® technology has been...
13.10.2023 | Customised Solutions for Growing Pump Stations Needs
Optimal Solutions for Specific Projects
11.8.2023 | Gain insight and control with Frese BYPASS
How can you save time and achieve a more efficient operation of your district heating network? The answer is Frese BYPASS...
5.7.2023 | Introducing MODULA Pro-Series
We’re excited to share some great news with you all as we have launched another great pre-fab solution, this time it’s the MODULA Pro-series...
28.6.2023 | New solution for marine HVAC applications maximises efficiency
We’re proud to introduce our latest solution for the marine segment: the Frese Optima Compact Veriflow-series Valve and the digital Logica Actuator...
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