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Valves & Controls for HVAC applications

Efficient indoor climate control for buildings

Valves for Marine & Industrial Applications

Dynamic valves manufactured from high corrosion resistant materials

District Energy

Operation of your heating application in new and intelligent ways

Metal and Steel Foundry

Customised component solutions for the toughest applications

Frese Academy

Advanced application knowledge and know-how

Working Together
To provide innovative fluid control and component solutions for our target markets

Frese Group News

10.7.2024 | Announcing our exciting new partnership with Star MarinePro for Frese FUELSAVE®
We are thrilled to announce our new Energy Saving Device (ESD) agency partnership with Star MarinePro, effective June 1st, 2024. At Frese we recognize the immense value of collaborating with Star MarinePro,..
10.7.2024 | Introducing the Largest Member of Our OMEGA Compact 3-Way Rotary Valve Family
At Frese we are no strangers to developing efficient and innovative solutions for the global marine industry. However, introducing our new DN500 OMEGA Compact 3-way rotary temperature control valve has been a landmark occasion for us...
20.6.2024 | Global Project Engineer – Electrical and Automation
Are you an expert in electrical engineering and automation? Are you ready to conduct on-site surveys and commissioning and build client relationships?
23.5.2024 | Frese Expands Management Team to Drive Continued Growth
The Frese Group has appointed Ulrich Gammelgaard as its new CFO, along with Peter Agneborn as CCO. They will both become part of Group Management alongside CEO René Barington.
25.3.2024 | Focused innovation paves the way for significant fuel savings
For the past three years, Frese Marine has been part of a Danish Energy Agency funded energy technology development and demonstration program (EUDP). With the aim of revolutionizing the global...
25.3.2024 | We are thrilled to announce the official opening of our new office in Singapore!
As an innovative technology solution provider in marine energy efficiency solutions, Frese Marine is committed to expanding our international presence to better...
11.3.2024 | Utilise Frese ALPHA to Optimize District Heating Connections for Commercial Customers
District heating connections for commercial customers can be a costly affair. Connection costs are typically calculated based on the total area of the business premises, resulting in high expenses.
1.2.2024 | M&I Exhibitions 2024
Get ready for the 2024 exhibitions! Join us and discover the latest Frese products and innovations at some of the biggest maritime events worldwide.
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