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What is dynamic balancing?

How can flow balancing be dynamic and how is it different from normal static balancing? This is what we will look at in this article.

When water passes through a valve, the flow depends on the resistance of the valve, called the KV-value, and the differential pressure across the valve. The more differential pressure across the valve, the more flow through the valve. With static balancing valves we can raise or lower the KV-value by opening and closing the valve by the adjustable handle. The static balancing is always done at the maximum nominal flow at the available differential pressure.

But as you can imagine, the differential pressure is not stable during operation. It varies as the valves in the system open and close and the flow goes up and down. Therefore, the flow through the static balancing valve also varies and can exceed the flow when the commissioning was performed.

The influencing factor is the differential pressure, which will always vary and cannot be controlled by the static balancing valve.

In the dynamic balancing valve, a differential pressure controller is built in and maintains the same pressure across the preset KV-value of the valve. With a stable differential pressure and the valve in the same position, we can limit the flow to the nominal value, ensuring absolute balance in the system.

The result of the flow limitation is no overflow, which allows you to reduce your pump energy consumption, and Delta-T will be secured. With a system always in balance, crucial equipment is protected against overheating and will provide optimal operation.

Finally, the commissioning procedure is very simple, and the valve can be set to the nominal flow without measuring. Just preset the valve to the required flow and check the differential pressure at the index valve. Then you will be running your system at optimal conditions.

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