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District Energy

Operation of your heating application in new and intelligent ways

SPERAMAX Indoor series

Gives you lower energy comsumption and CO2 emissions


Flow into control in your district energy network


A completely battery operated and wireless valve system


11.3.2024 | Utilise Frese ALPHA to Optimize District Heating Connections for Commercial Customers
District heating connections for commercial customers can be a costly affair. Connection costs are typically calculated based on the total area of the business premises, resulting in high expenses.
13.10.2023 | Customised Solutions for Growing Pump Stations Needs
Optimal Solutions for Specific Projects
11.8.2023 | Gain insight and control with Frese BYPASS
How can you save time and achieve a more efficient operation of your district heating network? The answer is Frese BYPASS...
30.3.2023 | Frese Covers the District Energy
“Frese Covers the District Energy” is a concept of products and services that connect parts of your district heating system, allowing you to reduce pump capacity...