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About us

Working together

At Frese, we aim to work in close cooperation with our suppliers, partners and customers to provide innovative fluid control and component solutions for our target markets around the world.

With the head office and main manufacturing facilities located in Denmark, the Frese group is a combination of a highly experienced foundry and a leading manufacturer of high quality valves, controls and fittings for the global HVAC, plumbing, district energy, marine and industrial market segments.

The Frese business has been built up over 75 years and now holds a prominent position as one of the world’s leading providers of innovative fluid control and component solutions.


Efficient indoor climate control for buildings

With the ever-increasing focus on delivering optimum energy efficiency in buildings, Frese have led the market in the development of innovative, energy saving valves for global heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications.

High quality products, application knowledge and customer focus has helped to position Frese as a leading manufacturer and supplier of valves and control solutions for hydronic systems in the global HVAC market segment.

Frese has a long history in the development of valves and controls for both heating and cooling systems with over 30 years’ experience designing, developing and supplying innovative, energy saving dynamic balancing valves.

District Energy

Valves for district heating and cooling

We have great ambitions in the district energy market and offer a combination of high-quality products, extensive application knowledge and innovative, digital add-on solutions, giving our customers insight into, and control over, their network.

We have been active in the district energy sector since 1991 as a supplier of dynamic valves for district heating units, and we have continuously developed our district energy solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

We continue that development with our venture into IoT products for monitoring and remote control of valves. Going ahead, Frese will not only be a components manufacturer, but also a service provider to a district energy sector, which faces accelerating digitalisation, and where data can create value for both the industry and consumers.

The combination of our energy-saving dynamic valves and the potential of increased insight into networks makes us a natural partner in the green transition required to achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

DE Valves

In 2020, we acquired the majority of DE Valves Glamsbjerg A/S, a manufacturer of fully welded steel ball valves for pre-insulation and underground installations in district heating networks in Denmark, as well as for district cooling projects in e.g. the Middle East.

With this partnership we can deliver valves for the full distribution network and offer optimisation of operations and energy both above and below ground – all the way to the individual private consumer's system.

Marine and Industry

Durable flow and pressure control for the most demanding environments

The combination of extensive material, product and application knowledge built up over 75 years enables Frese to offer a range of durable valves for applications in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

Manufactured in materials including stainless steel, low carbon steel and nickel-aluminium bronze, Frese can offer customers a range of products that are suitable for the most arduous environments including applications such as ballast water treatment, seawater district cooling, desalination and offshore.

Metal and Steel Foundry

Customised casting solutions for the toughest applications

With over 7 decades of knowledge and experience in the field of specialist sand castings, Frese provides customers with customised solutions for the most demanding of applications in a range of alloys including bronze, nickel-aluminium bronze, stainless steel and duplex steel.

By using innovative manufacturing processes and knowledge, Frese work closely with customers to provide the best possible solution both technically and commercially.

Manufacturing excellence is of extreme importance to Frese, and continuous investment is made to ensure solutions are delivered on-time and to specification in the most environmentally-friendly manner.

Supplying component solutions to a number of market segments, including the marine and offshore industries, Frese offer a range of services including pattern design and production, MAGMA-soft® simulation, 3D mould printing, machining, certified quality inspection and supply chain management.


High quality components for domestic and commercial use

With extensive experience and recognition in the Scandinavian markets, Frese have a strong position in the supply of high quality valves and fittings for the sanitary and plumbing markets.

Since the development of the first fitting, Frese has continually invested in the development and approval of a range of sanitary and plumbing products to meet the demands of the market.

The range of products is perfectly suited for use in both domestic and commercial applications and all products come with the Frese guarantee of quality.