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Frese COMBIFLOW 6-way

First 6-way PICV in the world

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Valves & Controls for HVAC Applications

Valves & Controls for HVAC applications

Efficient indoor climate control for buildings

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19.11.2020 | Frese launches Dynamic Thermostatic Radiator Valve
With Frese RadCon we can now offer a complete product programme for the Buildings segment...
25.6.2020 | Video - Reduce noise with Dynamic Balancing Valves
Did you know that one static balancing valve makes the same amount of noise as eight of...
21.4.2020 | Frese buys DE Valves
The acquisition stengthens Frese’s position in the Danish and global district energy markets...
20.4.2020 | Frese – a strong partner in health care
All around the world health care remains at or near the top of the political and popular agenda...
12.3.2020 | COVID-19 Update
Danish society at large is now severely affected ...
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Dynamic Balancing Valves