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Frese COMBIFLOW 6-way

First 6-way PICV in the world

Valves for Marine & Industrial Applications

Dynamic valves manufactured from high corrosion resistant materials

OMEGA Compact

The world’s most compact 3-way control valve

Metal and Steel Foundry

Customised component solutions for the toughest applications

Valves & Controls for HVAC applications

Efficient indoor climate control for buildings

Working Together
To provide innovative fluid control and component solutions for our target markets

Frese Group News

23.6.2021 | Vacancy in Benelux: Area Sales Manager
Could you see yourself belonging to a fast-growing medium size company with a huge potential to make sustainable impact?
18.6.2021 | Vaccancy in DK: Global Proposal Engineer, Marine & Industry
Go-to technology person | Customer Service | Sustainability
17.6.2021 | Vacancy in Australia: Area Sales Manager
Are you able to manage and “engineer the sales” of next generation HVAC valves, available now and being developed by Frese, for buildings?
15.6.2021 | Frese valves provide cool charging for hot market
Electrification of transport is hailed as a crucial element in the fight against climate change.
7.4.2021 | Frese joins Euroheat & Power as an ambitious district energy player
Smart buildings and smart energy systems, which are interconnected and can communicate throughout district heating and cooling systems, are key elements of the global green agenda.
23.3.2021 | OPTIMA Compact goes digital
Our new Modbus Actuator offers several new functionalities...
17.3.2021 | COMBIFLOW 6-Way with Multi Rotary Actuator ready for market
A year ago, we launched the world’s first dynamic 6-way valve. Since then ...
2.2.2021 | Frese launches world’s most compact 3-way rotary control valve
We have kicked off 2021 in high gear by introducing the new...
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