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Latest news

6.9.2023 | Product Manager
Do you want to join one of the industry leaders within the development of energy-saving valves for HVAC systems?
11.8.2023 | Gain insight and control with Frese BYPASS
How can you save time and achieve a more efficient operation of your district heating network? The answer is Frese BYPASS...
11.7.2023 | Global Application Expert within Hydronics in Denmark
Brown or green? The most sustainable energy is, after all, the energy we don't use. Now imagine you can increase the comfort of working and living, whilst not using that energy.
5.7.2023 | Introducing MODULA Pro-Series
We’re excited to share some great news with you all as we have launched another great pre-fab solution, this time it’s the MODULA Pro-series...
28.6.2023 | New solution for marine HVAC applications maximises efficiency
We’re proud to introduce our latest solution for the marine segment: the Frese Optima Compact Veriflow-series Valve and the digital Logica Actuator...