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Latest news

30.3.2022 | Improve your CII rating with Frese FUELSAVE
The Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating is a key element in sustainable shipping, and Frese’s dynamic valve technology can help with the necessary onboard energy optimisations.
30.3.2022 | Hands-on innovation aboard Viking Octantis
Our electrical engineer Alex Rørbæk went to Vard’s shipyard in Norway to modify our DELTA T Control System to a new type of application.
25.3.2022 | Digitise your way to energy savings
With the newest OPTIMA Compact Veriflow valve and LOGICA Digital actuator we provide deep insight into heating and cooling...
25.3.2022 | 您的数字化节能之路
借助最新的 OPTIMA Compact Veriflow 阀门和 LOGICA 数字执行器,我们可以深入了解供热和制冷...
24.2.2022 | Nor-Shipping 2022
At Nor-Shipping, we look forward to showcasing our comprehensive product range for the marine sector.