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1.9.2022 | Major Update to the Frese Valves App
Do you know the Frese Valves App? It is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for valve calculations in the field...
22.8.2022 | Launching Frese FUELSAVE at SMM
Frese has redefined what is possible in terms of achievable energy savings in a vessel’s cooling water systems...
23.6.2022 | New face on the Marine and Industry Team
Our new Global Project Engineer for Marine & Industry, Nino Gottlieb, has already made us smarter...
23.6.2022 | Feiyan Ye is the point man on Frese’s ambitions in China
Ascending to the job of Regional Sales Director, Marine & Industry, China based in Shanghai during Covid-19 has been a challenge for Feiyan Ye, but he is more than ready to rise to the occasion and looks forward to meeting more customers and partners face to face.
30.3.2022 | Improve your CII rating with Frese FUELSAVE
The Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating is a key element in sustainable shipping, and Frese’s dynamic valve technology can help with the necessary onboard energy optimisations.
30.3.2022 | Hands-on innovation aboard Viking Octantis
Our electrical engineer Alex Rørbæk went to Vard’s shipyard in Norway to modify our DELTA T Control System to a new type of application.
25.3.2022 | Digitise your way to energy savings
With the newest OPTIMA Compact Veriflow valve and LOGICA Digital actuator we provide deep insight into heating and cooling...
24.2.2022 | Nor-Shipping 2022
At Nor-Shipping, we look forward to showcasing our comprehensive product range for the marine sector.
3.1.2022 | Exhibitions 2022
Frese will be exhibiting at some of the world’s leading exhibitions in 2022. Click here to find out where you can meet us.
27.10.2021 | Let ALPHA HCR balance your BWTS installation
With a purely mechanical setup, you can simplify your onboard BWTS installations and ensure a balanced flow at all times while safeguarding your operation.
22.9.2021 | Exhibitions 2021
Frese will be exhibiting at some of the world’s leading exhibitions in 2021. Click here to find out where you can meet us.
7.9.2021 | OMEGA Compact 3-way tested on Maersk Cunene
When Frese introduced the OMEGA Compact 3-way valve in January, we partnered with Maersk Line in a proof-of-concept retrofit project aboard their containership Maersk Cunene.
7.9.2021 | Meet our Marine Team
Frese has Marine specialists all over the world who are eager to help you with your projects in both new builds and retrofits. Learn more about them here.
15.6.2021 | Frese valves provide cool charging for hot market
Electrification of transport is hailed as a crucial element in the fight against climate change.
7.4.2021 | Frese joins Euroheat & Power as an ambitious district energy player
Smart buildings and smart energy systems, which are interconnected and can communicate throughout district heating and cooling systems, are key elements of the global green agenda.
23.3.2021 | OPTIMA Compact goes digital
Our new Modbus Actuator offers several new functionalities...
17.3.2021 | COMBIFLOW 6-Way with Multi Rotary Actuator ready for market
A year ago, we launched the world’s first dynamic 6-way valve. Since then ...
2.2.2021 | Frese launches world’s most compact 3-way rotary control valve
We have kicked off 2021 in high gear by introducing the new...
20.1.2021 | Frese is ready for SMM DIGITAL 2021
Visit Frese in the Virtual Pavilion of Denmark - Read more
19.11.2020 | Frese launches Dynamic Thermostatic Radiator Valve
With Frese RadCon we can now offer a complete product programme for the Buildings segment...
2.11.2020 | Frese strengthens District Energy division
We wish to offer complete solutions for our customers’ benefit.
5.10.2020 | Simplified cooling systems
Pressure independent control valves from Frese can help achieve cost and energy savings in all types of hydronic process cooling systems.
30.9.2020 | Bring your Cooling Systems into the Future
Cooling and heating systems above and below deck account for a significant part of a cruise ship’s energy consumption, yet many operators continue to overlook easily attainable cost savings.
25.6.2020 | Video - Reduce noise with Dynamic Balancing Valves
Did you know that one static balancing valve makes the same amount of noise as eight of...
26.5.2020 | Flow into control with Frese BYPASS
Frese BYPASS provides deep insight into your district energy network...
21.4.2020 | Frese buys DE Valves
The acquisition stengthens Frese’s position in the Danish and global district energy markets...
20.4.2020 | Frese – a strong partner in health care
All around the world health care remains at or near the top of the political and popular agenda...
12.3.2020 | COVID-19 Update
Danish society at large is now severely affected ...
9.3.2020 | Frese behind world’s first dynamic 6-way valve
We have combined our valve for 4-pipe systems ...
14.1.2020 | Frese Tagging Service
Frese offers a tagging service to our customers...
27.5.2019 | Frese Gruppen satser på avancerede ventilløsninger
Frese har altid været innovative, og i dag har de rettet blikket mod marinemarkedet, hvor de benytter deres erfaring med besparelser på energi...
22.5.2019 | Visit us at Nor-Shipping 2019 Oslo
The Danish Pavillion - Stand C04-48G
7.3.2019 | 75 years anniversary
This year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary...
29.1.2019 | Exhibitions 2019
Frese will be exhibiting at some of the world’s leading exhibitions in 2019. Click here to find out where you can meet us.
29.1.2019 | Exhibitions 2019
Frese will be exhibiting at some of the world’s leading exhibitions in 2019. Click here to find out where you can meet us.
12.11.2018 | Frese wins PwC's Export Prize
Friday, November 9, was the fourth year in which Slagelse Municipality's business community met to praise...
9.8.2018 | Visit us at SMM 2018 Hamburg
Hall B1, Ground Floor, Stand 212 - Read more
6.8.2018 | ISO 9001:2015
Frese A/S has been upgraded to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard after thorough external auditing..
3.7.2018 | MagiCad
3.7.2018 | MagiCad
9.1.2017 | Frese Exhibitions 2017
During 2017, we will be showcasing our range of products at the following exhibitions