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Focused innovation paves the way for significant fuel savings

For the past three years, Frese Marine has been part of a Danish Energy Agency funded energy technology development and demonstration program (EUDP). With the aim of revolutionizing the global maritime shipping industry. The mission? To develop cutting-edge technology that accelerates the green transition. The result? The groundbreaking Frese FUELSAVE® System, a patented flow management system that delivers significant fuel savings.

In December 2020, Frese Marine joined forces with esteemed partners; Danish Technological Institute, Novenco Marine & Offshore, Odense Maritime Technology (OMT), and Maersk. Together, we embarked on a visionary three-year project: "Intelligent Cooling and Ventilation on Container Ships." Our shared belief was clear. We wanted to create game-changing technology that would drive substantial reductions in fuel consumption within commercial vessel water cooling and ventilation systems.

As the project neared its conclusion, rigorous tests were conducted on two vessels from the Maersk fleet: Vaga Maersk, a two-year-old container ship plying European routes, and Mumbai Maersk, which sails between Europe and Asia. The outcome was clear — the Frese FUELSAVE® System, which has the potential to deliver additional energy consumption reductions for Maersk. This positive result couldn't have come at a more critical time, as efficiency demands on vessel owners, operators, and builders have never been greater.

Since our founding in 1944, innovation has been the cornerstone of Frese's success. Therefore, we are extremely excited that the journey we embarked on with our partners in 2020 has indeed been very successful. Together we created a strong and thoroughly tested foundation for our patented Frese FUELSAVE® System that we are now installing in an increasing number of vessels globally.

In developing the Frese FUELSAVE® System we have paid attention to every detail possible. This means that we can now offer an innovative flow management system that is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Here's how it is making waves:

Working alongside market-leading partners for three years, we've turned theory into reality. Very often the results of even the most interesting projects are very difficult to demonstrate. Fortunately, this is not case in connection with the Frese FUELSAVE® System. With our fantastic partners we have built a test rig, which is a mockup of a cooling water system. “The test rig demonstrates both the principles and obvious strengths of our latest Frese product innovation”, says Jens Johansen, Frese Academy Manager.

At Frese we strongly believe that the Frese FUELSAVE® System can be a significant energy saving device (ESD) solution for the global maritime shipping industry in its fight against global climate change.

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