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Announcing our exciting new partnership with Star MarinePro for Frese FUELSAVE®

We are thrilled to announce our new Energy Saving Device (ESD) agency partnership with Star MarinePro, effective June 1st, 2024.

At Frese we recognise the immense value of collaborating with Star MarinePro, which is a renowned full-service project managing and installation provider in the global marine industry.

Our new partnership with Star MarinePro centers on advancing the Frese FUELSAVE® System - our innovative and energy-efficient flow management system for marine cooling water systems.

The Frese FUELSAVE® System has garnered unprecedented interest worldwide, and with Star MarinePro as our partner, we are better positioned than ever to meet the growing demand.

“Navigating the energy transition challenge is complex, and we believe that keeping existing fleets running for as long as possible by improving energy efficiency as much as possible is an important part of the solution. For Frese establishing a global ecosystem of strong partners is vital as it offers shipowners easier access to applying ESD technologies”, says Søren Wandy Pedersen, Frese’s Global Segment Director, Marine & Industry.

Star MarinePro boasts a well-established track record as a full-service provider offering, among others, complete shipbuilding solutions, refurbishment services, a comprehensive range of management services and direct access to key Chinese shipyards and shipowners.

We are convinced that our new partnership with Star MarinePro will increase Chinese shipowners’ awareness of Frese’s innovative ESD technology significantly.

Our new partnership is particularly advantageous for European shipowners who have long relied on Star MarinePro’s expertise managing equipment installations in Chinese drydocks.

By working closely with Star MarinePro, we can now offer shipowners turnkey solutions for retrofitting the Frese FUELSAVE® System on their vessels. This streamlined approach benefits shipowners who already utilise Chinese drydocks for upgrades or are considering doing so.

“We are proud to have been chosen as ESD agent for Frese, a very innovative flow management company in the marine industry”, says Shilin Wang, Managing Director and owner of Star MarinePro. “We are confident that our equipment installation experience and our many years of collaborating with owners and shipyards will see a considerable number of vessels being upgraded with the Frese FUELSAVE® System resulting in significant energy reductions.”

Star MarinePro’s head office is in Shanghai, which according to Shilin Wang is the heart of China’s shipping industry, serves a good base for managing their service team all over the country and connecting world-leading shipowners with shipyards.

Managing Director Shilin Wang of Star MarinePro and Global Segment Director, Marine & Industry, of Frese, Søren Wandy Pedersen sign the new ESD agency partnership agreement in Shanghai.