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Introducing the Largest Member of Our OMEGA Compact 3-Way Rotary Valve Family

At Frese we are no strangers to developing efficient and innovative solutions for the global marine industry.

Introducing our new DN500 OMEGA Compact 3-way Rotary Temperature Control Valve has been a landmark occasion for us. This is particularly significant because the new valve will be an integral part of the most comprehensive Frese FUELSAVE® System we have delivered to date.

Early June 2024, at our production facility in Glamsbjerg, Denmark, we proudly unveiled the DN500 OMEGA Compact 3-way rotary control valve. Weighing nearly 800 kg, this valve represents the latest addition to our successful OMEGA Compact series, introduced in 2021.

Rasmus Frimann Nielsen, Product Manager at Frese, states: "We are extremely excited about this new member of the OMEGA Compact family. It is safe to say that this new valve, which is the biggest valve we have ever produced, opens the door to new opportunities for both Frese and the marine industry in general."

The first DN500 valve to leave our production facility will soon become an integral part of the Frese FUELSAVE® System onboard the LNG carrier, Celsius Charlotte, built in 2021. In close collaboration with Celsius Shipping, we have designed a customized Frese FUELSAVE® System for the Celsius Charlotte vessel. Upon installation, Celsius Shipping will experience substantial reductions in pump energy consumption for both seawater and freshwater cooling systems.

In addition to our new DN500 OMEGA Compact valve, the Frese FUELSAVE® System for the Celsius Charlotte includes 46 OPTIMA Compact valves (DN25-150), three other 3-way valves (DN100-200), new prefabricated pipes, and an automation system to tie it all together.

Rasmus Frimann Nielsen explains: "As part of our meticulous design process, we conducted a 3D scan of the engine room. Our intensive preparation phase ensures optimal efficiency. We know from years of experience that preparation is the most critical factor in an industry where every minute counts, since installation will take place during port stays, minimizing downtime."

The development of the new DN500 OMEGA Compact 3-way Rotary Control Valve has been very exciting for everyone involved.

Senior R&D Engineer and Project Manager, David Nadji, says: "To be honest, we are very proud of the new valve. Countless hours went into its development, assembly, and rigorous testing. The fact that it is smaller in size and more energy-efficient compared to the valve it replaces onboard the Celsius Charlotte is a testament to how efficient the OMEGA Compact series truly is."

If you are interested in learning more about our OMEGA Compact series and Frese FUELSAVE® System we designed for the Celsius Charlotte, please contact us.

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