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Latest news
20.12.2023 | The Frese Marine team is expanding
Frese Marine fortifies the team, appointing key roles to drive growth in APAC & MEA and in project engineering & contract execution.
20.12.2023 | Frese FUELSAVE® retrofit results in impressive savings
DFDS passenger-cargo ferry Luna Seaways recently completed a turnkey Frese FUELSAVE® retrofit implementation, reducing pump energy...
20.12.2023 | Breaking news! Patent granted for our Frese FUELSAVE® technology
We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic achievement: the Frese FUELSAVE® technology has been...
28.6.2023 | New solution for marine HVAC applications maximises efficiency
We’re proud to introduce our latest solution for the marine segment: the Frese Optima Compact Veriflow-series Valve and the digital Logica Actuator...
28.6.2023 | Streamline installations with Frese's FUELSAVE® Survey offering
Frese's FUELSAVE® Survey offering is a comprehensive solution that maximises energy efficiency in marine cooling water systems. Our team ensures a smooth...