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Valves for Marine and Industrial Applications

Durable flow and pressure control for the most demanding environments

The combination of extensive material, product and application knowledge built up over 75 years enables Frese to offer a range of durable valves for applications in some of the world’s most demanding environments.

Manufactured in materials including stainless steel, low carbon steel and nickel-aluminium bronze, Frese can offer customers a range of products that are suitable for the most arduous environments including applications such as ballast water treatment, seawater district cooling, desalination and offshore.

Frese Group

At Frese, we aim to work in close cooperation with our suppliers, partners and customers to provide innovative fluid control and component solutions for our target markets around the world.

With the head office and main manufacturing facilities located in Denmark, the Frese group is a combination of a highly experienced foundry and a leading manufacturer of high quality valves, controls and fittings for the global HVAC, plumbing, marine and industrial market segments.

The Frese business has been built up over 75 years and now holds a prominent position as one of the world’s leading providers of innovative fluid control and component solutions.

Frese Group

The History of Frese