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The Frese FUELSAVE® System takes center stage at the 2024 Frese global sales conference

Spirits were high in early March as we had invited our valued external sales partners from around the world to Denmark to spend three days working with and discussing the Frese FUELSAVE® System.

It is no secret that we are extremely excited about the potential of the Frese FUELSAVE® System. Therefore, we are grateful that all our external sales partners accepted our invitation to join us for a three-day global sales conference at our headquarters in Denmark in early March 2024. The goal was for participants to obtain as much detailed knowledge as possible about the opportunities that our innovative and integrated engine room flow management system offers. This was reflected in the title of the conference: Winning together below deck.

Our external sales partners, representing South Korea, Turkey, USA, Greece, China, Germany, Taiwan, and Japan, joined forces with Frese sales team members from Denmark, Norway, Australia, Singapore, China, and England.

During the conference there was plenty of time for the participants to exchange ideas, ask questions and learn from each other. Right from the beginning it was clear that the participants had a lot to talk about. “We would like to thank all participants for their contributions in making the 2024 version of our global sales conference a great success. The atmosphere was definitely one of both curiosity and great optimism for the future”, says Søren Wandy Pedersen, Global Sales Director.

At Frese we aim to build long-lasting relationships with our many external sales partners. This has always been the Frese way of doing business, which is something we are immensely proud of. Over the years we have learned the value of networking and building strong, collaborative and trusting relationships. “And spending three intensive days together is definitely a great way to strengthen both existing relationships and to build new ones”, says Rene Barington, Group CEO.

The conference schedule included sessions on topics such as: Technical training, marketing communication and value-based selling. The latter focusing on the needs of both new and existing customers to reduce energy consumption and to fight climate change. The global marine industry is evolving rapidly, and understanding our customers is paramount to us.

The feedback from participants was resounding. The diverse sessions and events were greatly appreciated and enriched the participants’ experience.

To all who contributed, thank you. Your insights, passion, and optimism made the 2024 global sales conference a resounding success. As we set sail toward next year's gathering, we're excited about the journey ahead.

If you would like to learn more about the Frese FUELSAVE® System, you are welcome to contact one of our experts in your part of the world.

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