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Streamline installations with the Frese FUELSAVE® Survey offering

The Frese FUELSAVE® Survey offering is a comprehensive solution that maximises energy efficiency in marine cooling water systems. Our team ensures a smooth installation through meticulous pre-inspection and expert analysis, leading to cost reductions and on-time installation.

This assessment allows us to determine the practical aspects of installation, including valve placement, flange compatibility, and accessibility. By mapping your vessel's existing conditions, we can provide an accurate installation proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

The survey process

Our experienced team addresses both the mechanical and electrical aspects of the installation. From valve installations to cable routing and control system integration, we consider every detail to optimise energy efficiency. By ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure, we can minimise disruptions and maximise the effectiveness of the implemented solution.

Typically, two experts, specialised in mechanical and electrical aspects, conduct the survey over the course of one day. Their expertise allows for a thorough examination of the vessel, identifying potential opportunities and challenges. By performing a comprehensive assessment upfront, we can pave the way for a smooth installation process without unexpected costs or delays.

During the survey, our team collaborates with the vessel's crew. By engaging the Chief Engineer and crew members, we gain valuable insights into the ship's operations, enabling us to tailor the solution to any specific needs. Although most of the survey work is conducted independently, open communication with the crew ensures a holistic understanding of the vessel's requirements.

Deliverables and benefits

Following the survey, you receive a comprehensive report that includes a cable plan, a list of valve placements with accompanying images, and recommendations for optimal installation.

This documentation provides clarity and serves as a basis for further decision-making. You can choose to proceed with us as the project lead for installation, or you may decide to utilise the material provided to engage your own installation partners.

It's essential to note that the business case and initial diagrams provided during the survey represent a conceptual overview. Actual installation conditions may vary, necessitating adjustments to valve placements and control signals.

A comprehensive approach ensures efficient implementation

The Frese FUELSAVE® Survey provides a comprehensive approach to marine energy efficiency installations. By conducting thorough pre-inspections and collaborating with vessel crews, we ensure optimal solutions that deliver tangible energy savings.

With our expertise and dedication, we stand by your side every step of the way, from initial survey to successful implementation. If you’d like to hear more, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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