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Edda Wind achieves significant energy savings with Delta T solutions on wind turbine support vessels

Edda Wind, a Norwegian shipowner and leading provider of offshore services, was looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to reduce flow and save pump energy on their wind turbine support vessels.

The company liaised with naval architect Salt Ship Design to explore ways to optimize the cooling water systems without making huge investments. Salt Ship Design turned to Frese for a solution to help them achieve their energy efficiency goals without compromising performance.

The solution: Delta T controller and local valves for self-regulating units

The solution we proposed combined the advantages of the Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) technology with a local controller connected to the valves to create self-regulating units. This made the solution more precise than mechanical alternatives with capillary tubes while still being suitable for smaller ships compared to container and cruise ships.

One of the key challenges faced by Edda Wind was to reduce the flow and save pump energy. To tackle this challenge, Frese’s Optima Compact and Sigma Compact valves and Delta T controllers were installed at the vessels. These products are designed to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining the required level of cooling water flow.

The Delta T controller is a state-of-the-art system that precisely measures the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water system. Based on this measurement, the controller adjusts the valves to regulate the cooling water flow to the required level. This self-regulating system ensures that the system is always running at maximum efficiency in a broad range of operational conditions.

Energy efficiency and substantial savings

Implementing the Delta T solution resulted in significant energy savings. By reducing the flow and optimizing the cooling water system, they achieved a substantial reduction in pump energy consumption.

The energy savings not only helped Edda Wind to reduce their operating costs but also contributed to the efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Looking to the future, Edda Wind plans to retrofit the remaining fleet with similar solutions.

In conclusion, the Delta T solution’s ability to precisely measure temperature differences and adjust the valves accordingly ensures maximum energy efficiency and significant cost savings for shipowners, making it very attractive for anyone looking to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint while maintaining the required level of performance.

Shipowner: Edda Wind
Naval Architect: Ship Salt Design
Shipyards: Astilleros Balenciaga S.A. and Astilleros Gondan S.A.
Frese products supplied: Optima Compact, Sigma Compact and Delta T controller

Ships included in project scope:

Delta T vs. Frese FUELSAVE

Frese Delta T Controller Frese FUELSAVE® System
Central control panel with overview of savings No Yes
Ability to close off flow completely No Yes
Ability to make more advanced control functions on individual cooling consumers No Yes, e.g., max outlet temperature limitation
Pump speed control Handled by yard Integrated control of flow control valves and pump speed
Remote support Not possible Possible
Expected savings potential 50-60 % of pump power
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60-80 % of pump power
Read more
Available as a retrofit option Yes Yes