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Greece Green Day – a successful customer seminar in Athens

On May 11th, three companies, Green Instruments, Howden, and Frese, joined forces to organise a customer seminar in Greece focusing on cutting-edge technology and green innovations for the maritime industry. The aim was to offer something different from the usual exhibitions by providing the audience with valuable insights through external speakers and panel discussions.

More than twenty Greek shipowners attended, and it turned out to be a day filled with fruitful discussions and engaging presentations.

Key takeaways

One key takeaway was that Greek shipowners are keenly aware of the pressing need to address environmental concerns. A demonstration unit weighing 400 kg, equipped with Frese FUELSAVE®, was undoubtedly the eye-catcher at the event and played a crucial role in conveying the solution effectively, making a rather complex concept more tangible and understandable.

Another highlight was a presentation by Mia Elg, the R&D Manager of Deltamarin, one of Europe's largest naval architectural firms, who shared her expertise on the future of the shipping industry. Mia covered topics such as alternative fuels, the potential for energy efficiency gains, and an overview of the interconnectedness of environmental regulations. The win-win proposition of reducing CO2 emissions, achieving regulatory compliance, and saving fuel costs is something that resonates strongly with any shipowner and operator.

Value for participants

What did the participants gain from attending? They acquired knowledge about new solutions from renowned Northern European companies known for their green initiatives and had the opportunity to get expert insights. Moreover, the seminar provided a platform for informal socialising and offered a relevant agenda that addressed the urgent need for action.

The agenda for the seminar covered various aspects of green shipping, including energy-efficient engine room cooling, air lubrication systems, documenting green initiatives, and calculating environmental performance.

Notable industry experts and thought leaders, such as Mr. Andreas Chrysostomou from the Clean Shipping Alliance and Mr. Jon Stewart from International Maritime Technology Consultants, added valuable insights to the event as well as Klaus A. Holm, the Danish ambassador, and our new distributor in Greece, Intramare.

Supporting the industry to a greener future

Greece Green Day marked a significant step in supporting the Greek maritime industry toward a greener future and in our efforts to establish a foothold in the Greek marine market.

The success of this seminar highlights the importance of knowledge exchange and collaboration within the maritime industry. With the momentum gained from this event, we are excited to lead the way and replicate this concept in other markets, as exclusive customer seminars focused on in-depth discussions and longer dialogues have proven to be highly valuable and worthwhile for shipowners and operators.

If you have any questions about improving energy efficiency and decarbonisation or if you are interested in us arranging this type of event in your area, please let us know. We’d be happy to help.

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