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OMEGA Compact

3-way Rotary Control Valve

Compact solution

Easy on-site service and maintenance

Low pressure drop and zero leakage

30-50% pump energy savings

Easy maintenance and operation

Easy to install and handle in cramped engine room spaces

Frese launches world’s most compact 3-way rotary control valve

We have kicked off 2021 in high gear by introducing the new OMEGA Compact 3-way valve for optimisation of temperature control in Marine cooling systems.

- Our aim is to always make life easier for our customers. To ensure their peace of mind by providing complete valve solutions guaranteed to optimise the operation of their heating and cooling systems. The OMEGA Compact does that by interacting perfectly with our dynamic OPTIMA Compact technology to maintain full temperature and flow control in engine room cooling systems, says Rasmus Frimann, Product Manager for Frese Marine & Industry.

Compact solution

The OMEGA Compact, which provides simple, accurate, and reliable temperature regulation for both diverting and mixing applications in high and low temperature cooling systems, is, as the name indicates, by far the most compact in today’s market. Along with its low weight and equally compact actuator, this makes it much easier to install and handle in cramped engine room spaces.

Low pressure drop and zero leakage

Like all Frese products, the OMEGA Compact is designed with energy savings as a central target.

- It is optimized for minimum pressure drop and is therefore market leading in terms of high kV values. The best result is achieved when OMEGA COMPACT is installed as a mixing valve. For typical marine cooling water systems this will result in 30-50% pump energy savings through the valve itself, Rasmus Frimann explains.

However, the main energy saving potential comes from Frese’s LeakGuard™ technology, which is rated as Class IV, and ensures very tight sealing in the valve, even over time.

- This reduces fuel oil consumption on the main engine in low temperature cooling systems, as well as on boilers in high temperature freshwater cooling systems, Rasmus Frimann continues.

Easy maintenance and operation

The OMEGA Compact is designed for easy on-site service and maintenance. In purely practical terms this will contribute to less down-time in case of repairs, as they can generally be carried out by the ship’s own technicians and with easily replaceable parts.

A comprehensive package

By launching the OMEGA Compact, Frese moves one step further in our ambition to act in close collaboration with our customers by offering more than just high-quality components, Product Manager Rasmus Frimann explains:

- With the OMEGA Compact in combination with our dynamic OPTIMA Compact valves, Frese becomes your one supplier of a comprehensive temperature and flow regulating solution for your onboard cooling systems. Our flow control experts will provide optimized valve selection and calculations, ensuring your peace of mind about both performance and energy savings.


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