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OMEGA Compact

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OMEGA Compact

3-way Rotary Control Valve

The OMEGA Compact is a solid 3-way rotary control valve that provides simple, accurate and reliable flow regulation for both diverting and mixing applications in marine, industrial processes and district heating.

The OMEGA Compact valves are designed for use in Lubricating Oil Cooling, Cooling Water Systems or other systems with large water or lubricating oil flow.

The valve is designed with energy efficiency in focus where the high KV values will provide market leading energy efficiency in any application.

The compact design allows you to fit the valves in narrow spaces and withstands high vibrations.

The valves are equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators with handwheels for manual operation in case of power failure.

Available in sizes from DN65 to DN800 with flange connections according to EN 1092-2, ANSI Class 150, JIS B 2210 5K or JIS B 2210 10K.





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