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Breaking news! Patent granted for our Frese FUELSAVE® technology

We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic achievement: the Frese FUELSAVE® technology has been granted a patent, solidifying the solution at the forefront of the maritime industry.

Frese FUELSAVE® is a flow management system using differential pressure control and balancing, providing the simplest and most energy-efficient cooling water system in the market. The revolutionizing concept is now patented, providing ship owners and operators with a proven solution to optimize energy efficiency, obtain fuel savings, and reduce environmental impact.

While we've held a patent on the OPTIMA Compact PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valve) valve itself for several years, this newly granted patent focuses on how the valve can be connected with pump control to optimize cooling systems. And that detail makes this patent a pivotal moment for us.

It demonstrates the expansion of our overall service offering, moving from a component supplier to a provider of comprehensive systems. Frese FUELSAVE® is not just about valves; it is about making a measurable impact on CO2 reduction and increasing efficiency – in terms of energy usage, fuel consumption and operations.

Benefits that make a difference

For our customers, the patent translates into numerous concrete advantages. To be specific, here is what you can expect:

We have already invested a considerable amount of hours and resources in the development of Frese FUELSAVE®, and you can rest assured we will continue to improve and expand upon it in future.

Join us in the green transition

Frese FUELSAVE® is our way of showing our commitment to sustainability and innovation and, at the same time, helping our customers to optimize operations and contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to learn more about how Frese FUELSAVE® can optimize your ship's cooling system and make a difference in reducing your carbon footprint.

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