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New solution for marine HVAC applications maximises efficiency

We’re proud to introduce our latest solution for the marine segment: The OPTIMA Compact Veriflow-series valve and the LOGICA Digital actuator.

This new offering provides a digital solution for precise and efficient HVAC management with significant benefits and features allowing full energy optimisation in commissioning and operation.

The OPTIMA Compact Veriflow-series valve and LOGICA Digital actuator both build upon Frese's well-known design, which has been successfully deployed for years. This means shipowners and operators can trust the familiarity and proven performance, ensuring peace of mind and long-term dependability.

Optimise your system based on real-time insights

With the new solution, Frese has simplified the temperature and flow control process by integrating smart features directly into the actuator mounted on top of the valve – still in a compact design. This integration enables users to gather crucial information digitally about each room or cabin, including flow measurements, temperature data, and energy consumption.

By having real-time insights, operators can fine-tune and optimise their systems centrally and achieve efficient cooling or heating as well as maximum comfort and performance.

Accurate flow measurement

One of the standout features of the OPTIMA Compact Veriflow-series valve design is the integrated flow measurement functionality with impressive accuracy down to 5%. This capability allows for precise calibration, leading to more accurate measurements than traditional methods.

The LOGICA Digital Energy-series actuator can then use this valuable data to enhance its energy calculations, resulting in more precise control and optimisation.

Cost- and energy-efficient

The combined solution is more compact than other alternatives, making installation easier and more cost-effective. Notably, the need for cables is significantly reduced as it is designed to operate seamlessly in a series configuration.

Furthermore, the solution is only 65 mm long compared to other solutions measuring up to a total of 500 mm build in length, making installation easier and simpler.

As temperature measurements are conveniently performed using external sensors, the need for intrusive installations within the piping system is eliminated – another benefit in terms of installation.

Digital systems enable centralised control

The digital nature of the LOGICA Digital Energy-series actuator offers several advantages. Installation time is significantly reduced, especially when utilising Modbus protocols and master stations, enabling centralised control and management of multiple actuators.

This centralised approach allows for streamlined operation, quick adjustments, and remote access to individual rooms or cabins. Digital integration also eliminates the need for analog-based room controllers, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

Transitioning to a digital system

While transitioning to digital systems may present initial challenges, the overall benefits make it a financially worthwhile solution.

The ability to gather more information and have comprehensive control results in better system performance, enhanced energy efficiency, and improved serviceability. As operators can make adjustments remotely, the need for manual interventions is reduced, and operational workflows are optimised.

Simplified implementation

Frese's commitment to simplicity is evident in the product design, as the standardised features across the series minimise the need for extensive system configurations. This approach allows operators to familiarise themselves with the system once and effortlessly apply the same principles across different valve sizes.

To further support customers in their transition to digital systems, Frese provides comprehensive integration guides for Modbus and BACnet protocols, along with default values, for easy implementation. Our dedicated support team is, of course, always ready to assist you throughout the integration process.

Contact us today to discover how this solution can optimise your marine operations.

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LOGICA Digital, Energy-series Optima Compact, Veriflow-series
  • Remote commissioning and system management
  • Control over flow, temp and energy
  • Easy installation, fewer cables and components
  • Logica-series covers DN10 to DN300
  • Pressure Independent Control Valve replaces static balancing and control valves and eliminates the use of differential pressure controllers
  • Precise flow measurement without the use of external metering stations hence reducing pressure loss in the system
  • Automatic balancing of the system and 100% valve authority

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