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Frese helps Cadeler cut onboard energy consumption on newbuilds

When Danish ship owner Cadeler receives its two new offshore wind turbine installation vessels (WTIV) in 2024 and 2025, the innovative Frese FUELSAVE® technology will be installed onboard, reducing energy consumption by up to 9 percent.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have worked closely with the Cadeler Engineering Team to specify an energy optimisation package for the low-temperature cooling water systems with Frese’s automatic balancing and pressure independent control valves (PICV) to ensure the two WTIVs are as green and energy efficient as possible.

Complete optimisation package to secure maximum energy efficiency

Based on a thorough simulation and calculation of the potential energy savings with Frese FUELSAVE®, Cadeler chose to install the new flow management system that can improve the vessels’ CII rating by up to 9% total fuel savings in certain operational modes while providing safe and reliable flow management of all cooling water systems.

Besides the optimisation package with independent pressure control valves, the two WTIVs will also get 3-way valves for flow temperature regulation as well as automatic balancing and control of the seawater system to optimize the heat recovery system.

Major project milestone is closing up

The project has been characterized by an excellent working relationship between the involved parties. The cooperation between Cadeler, COSCO Shipyard in China and Frese’s marine team to ensure the delivery of the first Frese FUELSAVE® system in January 2023 and the second system in the summer of 2023 has been excellent.

As we’re moving towards one of the project milestones with the first delivery in January, we’re already very proud to be part of the shared success. We have been invited to apply all our competencies as a solution supplier and have been involved from the early design phase to the very end, where our team will help commission the ships. It has been fascinating to learn about the growing business of offshore wind turbines and get a deeper understanding of the impressive constructions and special requirements in this industry.

Want to optimize cooling water systems?

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