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Major Update to the Frese Valves App

Do you know the Frese Valves App?

It is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for valve calculations in the field. And we have just updated it with several new features.

Presetting and Sizing tool

We have extended the range of our valves in this tool. To use this userfriendly presetting and sizing tool, all you need is your smartphone or tablet.

Simply enter the valve dimension and the required flow, and the app will calculate the relevant valve setting and minimum differential pressure.

Commissioning tool

Now we have even added a commissioning tool for OPTIMA Compact, Veriflow-series and the Frese STBV VODRV valves

Due to the design of these valves, we can provide flow measurement directly on the valve – something several of our customers have asked for over the years.

With the updated app, these calculations are simple. Just input the valve dimension, pre-set value and the measured differential pressure. You no longer need complex tables and Kv-values.

All you need is your phone and a manometer. The app does the job.


The app is available in mutiple languages. After download you do not need wifi to use it - just go ahead, all data are in the app.

Get your fully updated app for iOS and Android in your usual app store:

For iOS ➡ https://lnkd.in/eP3fHdyS

For Android ➡ https://lnkd.in/e9MVm3mx