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OMEGA Compact

Hands-on innovation aboard Viking Octantis

Frese takes pride in our close collaboration with customers and we are ready to adapt our solutions to your specific needs. Our electrical engineer Alex Rørbæk went to Vard’s shipyard in Norway to modify our DELTA T Control System to a new type of application.

When Vard decided to install DELTA T Control Systems on the 30 OPTIMA Compact valves aboard the newly built luxury expedition ship Viking Octantis the aim was pump energy savings on the engine room chillers and other applications.

It was the first time this easy-to-use solution for measuring, monitoring and optimizing the Delta T between the inlet and outlet of a terminal unit had been sold to the Marine sector, and the use on chillers presented unforeseen complications, says Alex Rørbæk, R&D Section Manager, Electronics at Frese.

“Once a chiller is turned on the compressor needs to be cooled down in less than 45 seconds or it will trip. So the valve must open fully within that time to ensure sufficient cooling water flow. We realized that we needed a relay to send a signal to the DELTA T Control System to open to 100% in one go. We tested that, and it worked very well.”

No time to go back

However, with only one month to go before Viking Octantis was to be handed over to the customer, and with construction, wiring, painting and decorating already happening at full speed there was no time to go back and install 30 relays.

“Luckily, I had predicted that and had already started working on a software relay that could simulate the signal from a physical relay. It is actually a pretty unique piece of code that reverses how the DELTA T Control System usually works. When the compressor shuts down, the Delta T decreases to a very low value because no cooling is needed in the system. When it restarts, the Delta T improves, and the valve needs to open 100%. We have flipped the whole idea on its head, Alex Rørbæk says.

Along with two Vard employees, he started the installation process on the 30 valves while the ship was being finished around them – and under their feet, since the floors were still being mounted.

After 5 hours of intense work and a night’s well-deserved sleep Vard was ready to demonstrate the new solution to its satisfied customer and Alex Rørbæk returned to Frese HQ in Slagelse with another successful and innovative collaboration under his belt.