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New face on the Marine & Industry Team

Our new Global Project Engineer for Marine & Industry, Nino Gottlieb, has already made us smarter. Fresh from graduating with a Master Thesis about Frese’s innovation processes, he will go on to further structure and streamline our sales and proposals processes and tools for system solutions.

The key word for Nino Gottlieb is “Development”. And while that can mean different things to different people, for Nino it signified a dream that was strong enough to justify a complete change of track in his professional life.

After seven years as an auditor Nino Gottlieb took part in an audit at Frese Metal & Steel Foundry and was blown away by the technology and innovation he witnessed there.

“I just felt a strong need to be a part of developing something. Product, business or process development, the principles are the same. It is about building something and moving from one place to another. That is what drives me. So, I decided to become an engineer,” he explains.

Five years later…back to Frese

Nino’s engineering studies at the University of Southern Denmark eventually brought him back to Frese, where he wrote his thesis about the development and commercialization of an energy-saving cooling system concept for marine vessels. Last week he graduated as a Master of Science (MSc) in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation). And two days later signed his new contract as Global Project Engineer, Marine & Industry at Frese.

Much of his work will revolve around Frese’s new patent pending energy-efficient engine room cooling system called Frese FUELSAVE, which will be launched at SMM in Hamburg in September. Nino will play a vital role in scaling up the M&I team’s ability to produce comprehensive “system” value proposals in an efficient manner, ensuring faster turnarounds from enquiry received to proposal submitted. In addition to scaling the teams front-end "system offering” muscle, he will be looking into developing an onboarding program for installation partners as well as procedures for contract execution of Frese FUELSAVE orders.

A perfect match

Soren Wandy Pedersen, who is Global Sales Director for Frese Marine & Industry, is thrilled to be adding Nino Gottlieb to his team.

“Nino has worked part time for us while writing his thesis, and he is the perfect match for us, due to his innovative approach to solving challenges in a structured manner. As we are experiencing strong interest from the market for our new Frese FUELSAVE solution, scaling up our project and system sales capabilities has become a priority and Nino is exactly the right person to assist us with that. His financial background is an added bonus, because an understanding of business conditions is a driving factor in both product and any type of process development,” he explains.