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Frese SPERAMAX Indoor series:
New Valve for District Heating Installations Reduces Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions

We are pleased to present the latest addition to our range of fully welded ball valves for district heating installations: Frese SPERAMAX, Indoor-series.

When this valve is launched in the first quarter of 2023, it will become the district heating ball valve with the highest kV value on the market.

This valve, with reduced clearance, is built upon many years of experience and knowledge of underground valves. This knowledge has now been transferred to the SPERAMAX Indoor-series, a CE-marked ball valve with a designed to ensure optimal flow with very low turbulence. This results in reduced pump power consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

With the SPERAMAX Indoor-series, we have made a few modifications to ensure optimal above-ground functionality. For instance, we have introduced a user-friendly operation with a robust handle for easy gripping on the smaller valves. The larger valves are prepared for mobile gears to reduce operating torque.

A Complete System – from Energy Production to the Consumer

Frese SPERAMAX Indoor-series is manufactured with our renowned quality.

This means that:

With this latest addition to the Frese SPERAMAX series, you can have a complete valve system from energy production to the consumer.