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Frese A/S, Glamsbjerg

Production in the heart of Denmark

At Frese A/S in Glamsbjerg, on the island of Funen, we develop and manufacture ball valves for district heating and cooling networks.

We offer customised solutions and are known for a highly flexible production environment driven by extensive expertise among our employees.

We never compromise on quality. Therefore, we use materials that ensure the best possible robustness and long product lifespan, even under extreme conditions.

The factory in Glamsbjerg was established in 1974 as a manufacturer of various types of ball valves. Today, it produces pre-insulated underground ball valves up to DN600 and ball valves for indoor district heating systems ranging from DN25 to DN300.

All valves feature fully welded housings and meet the requirements for valves used in district heating and cooling systems, ensuring the highest level of safety.

In 2020, Frese A/S acquired partial ownership of the factory and later purchased the remaining shares. As a result, the activities were consolidated into a single company on 1st December 2023, transitioning from DE-Valves to Frese A/S.

Frese A/S

Bodebjergvej 22

5620 Glamsbjerg