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Digitise your way to energy savings with two new Frese products

With the newest OPTIMA Compact Veriflow valve and LOGICA Digital actuator we provide deep insight into heating and cooling systems, allowing for full energy optimisation in both commissioning and operation. This ensures that your HVAC system is performing at its very best at all times.

We continue to bring our decades of know-how and expertise on flow management technology into the digital age – in a simple, cost-effective, and accessible way for all customers, users, and other stakeholders to contribute to a more energy efficient buildings sector.

Our solution has strong benefits in all phases of a building project.

The two-tier solution consists of the OPTIMA Compact, Veriflow-series valve and the LOGICA Digital, Energy-series actuator.

OPTIMA Compact, Veriflow-series

This is an extended version of our world leading PICV, the OPTIMA Compact. Every feature and benefit from the original product can still be found in the Veriflow-series.

These include:

The valve also combines high performance with small size and compact construction. The major benefit is the significant energy savings that can be achieved in HVAC systems through maximising Delta T and eliminating overflows in the system.

Most importantly, the OPTIMA Compact, Veriflow-series offers a brand-new P/T plug design on the DN10-DN50 range and an additional P/T plug on larger sizes up to DN300. This allows for both flow verification and verification of minimum differential pressure across the valve based on the Kv methodology.

This is the first PICV on the market to integrate both functionalities in the original valve housing without add-ons and additional space requirements. When using the KV-signal for flow measurement, the accuracy is ±5% of the actual flow. This accuracy combined with optimised control, lower flow and pump pressure result in significant energy savings in building's heating and cooling operation.

LOGICA Digital, Energy-series

This incredibly compact digital actuator is designed to optimise energy usage in HVAC systems during operation through direct communication with the building’s BMS via either Modbus or BACNet with no need for a seperate control box. Because of that connectivity many tasks that would have required hands-on management can now be achieved remotely in the BMS.

System Performance Optimisation

In everyday operation LOGICA Digital optimises system performance with several key features and makes it simple for facility managers and system integrators managers to manage, due to built-in algorithms, which take over tasks like power transfer optimisation.

It also solves the problem of "Low Delta T Syndrome". LOGICA Digital has built-in Delta T control which will decrease the flow requirements on the pump and ensure constant system performance optimisation.

Aside from keeping the system in perfect functioning order, LOGICA Digital, Energy-series provides the insight right down to the individual terminal unit that enables system integrators and facility managers to analyse and act on potential improvements and enact new energy-efficiency strategies.

What is your job?

Design Engineer, Installer, Commissioning Engineer, System Integrator, Facility Manager, Building Owner?

Whatever your role is, this solution will make your life easier and your building better.