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Let ALPHA HCR balance your BWTS installation

With a purely mechanical setup, you can simplify your onboard BWTS installations and ensure a balanced flow at all times while safeguarding your operation.

As demands for cleaner and greener shipping continue to increase, so does the need to both invent new technology, and to improve already existing solutions.

One such evolving technology is BWTS installations on marine vessels, which are responsible for cleaning ballast water by destroying and removing all active biological organisms before the water is dumped back into the ocean.

Must be compliant

These installations need to comply with IOM standards and U.S. Coast Guard Approval, guaranteeing that they can handle the flow of water running through them.

In short, if you have a 700 m3/h pump, but only a 500 m3/h BWTS, you need to limit the flow to maintain compliance. This is usually a complicated process that requires additional equipment and electronic monitoring.

- Frese ALPHA HCR is a dynamic flow limiting valve, which – mechanically and automatically – solves this problem for you. It provides automatic balancing in water-based systems even under fluctuating pressure conditions, explains Rasmus Frimann Nielsen, Global Product Manager for Marine and Industry at Frese.

- This ensures that the flow through your BWTS never exceeds the maximum system capacity and allows makers and integrators to simplify onboard systems.

Good for parallel installations

I addition to its function as a safety valve, ALPHA HCR can also help balance systems, which consist of several parallel BWTS installations.

- You must ensure even distribution of flow through each installation at all times. In case of service or repairs to one installation, ALPHA HCR guarantees that your automatic balancing through the remaining units remains intact. This eliminates the need for further commissioning, says Rasmus Frimann Nielsen.