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SIGMA Compact

Frese valves provide cool charging for hot market

Electrification of transport is hailed as a crucial element in the fight against climate change. Countries like Norway are leading the way with battery powered ferries, and Frese holds one of the small keys to success: Energy efficient cooling of charging stations.

Picture the charger for your smartphone. After a while, it becomes warm to the touch. Now imagine the size of the charger needed for a ferry carrying 2,000 passengers and 500 cars. And the heat it generates.

Battery powered ships and ferries hold a massive potential in terms of energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions. But the infrastructure surrounding them is complex, because the batteries need to be recharged, often in locations with limited power capacity such as small towns or even islands.

This process requires charging stations – ranging from 1-2 MW for the smaller stations to 6-7 MW for the larger ones. These can only function with highly efficient cooling systems.

Flexible solutions for a new market

Frese has delivered dynamic valve technology to several of these cooling systems, and customers are showing an increasing interest in, particularly, Frese SIGMA Compact for this purpose.

The SIGMA Compact is an externally adjustable dynamic balancing valve, which provides simple, accurate and reliable flow limitation and isolation in heating and cooling systems and ensures the effective distribution of flow in various sections of the system.

The flexibility of SIGMA Compact makes it ideal for these large charging stations, since the technology is still in its infancy and under constant development. It provides the necessary adaptability in a process where developers learn new things every day and continue to improve total system efficiency.

While Frese’s valves are only a small cog in this machine, the well-known benefits of dynamic technology contribute to this pursuit of optimisation, as the improved Delta-T allows for lower pump energy consumption. This frees up energy for the charging station’s essential purpose: Recharging the incoming ships.

Electrification of transport is still an emerging market, but Frese is in on the ground floor.

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