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Frese SIGMA Compact DN50-DN300

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Frese SIGMA Compact

Dynamic Balancing Valve

The Frese SIGMA Compact is an externally adjustable dynamic balancing valve that provides simple, accurate and reliable flow limitation and isolation in heating and cooling systems.

The Frese SIGMA Compact can be used in both heating and cooling systems for the effective distribution of flow in various sections of the system. The Frese SIGMA Compact can be used instead of traditional double regulating valves and can be installed in both variable flow systems and constant flow systems.

The Frese SIGMA Compact can be set to the required position easily by using the hand wheel to limit the flow rate in certain parts of a system, eradicating overflows and the unnecessary wastage of energy. The internal differential pressure control function of the Frese SIGMA Compact ensures that the set flow rate is limited irrespective of fluctuations in the differential pressure of the system.

Once the valve has been set to the desired flow rate, the hand wheel can be locked in position. From this locked position, the valve can be fully closed for isolation purposes and easily re-opened back to the required set point.