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Gain insight and control with Frese BYPASS

How can you save time and achieve a more efficient operation of your district heating network? The answer is Frese BYPASS. Achieving correct regulation of a traditional, manually set bypass involves a significant effort because it requires physical access to the unit. This means they are not always optimally regulated.

With Frese BYPASS, you can easily access and control the bypass regardless of your physical location. This means you save time and money. Frese BYPASS consists of the well-known OPTIMA Compact, a pressure independent dynamic control valve and an intelligent control box that allows you to control the valve remotely.

Insight and overview with Frese FLOWCLOUD®

Using Frese FLOWCLOUD®, a web-based dashboard, you can access and control the bypass from your PC, tablet, or mobile phone, wherever you are. This easy and flexible access allows for quick adjustments and a more efficient operation while minimizing losses and achieving considerable energy savings.

In Frese FLOWCLOUD®, you can view real-time data and historical graphs of pressure, temperature in the distribution system, and valve position. This means you can monitor your bypasses via the dashboard and adjust the valves to the desired setting if they are not running optimally. You can also integrate Frese BYPASS into your existing SRO system and pull data into your own system.

Operational optimisation, problem solving, and troubleshooting

One of the main benefits of Frese BYPASS is that you can reduce heat loss in the district heating network while ensuring hot water for consumers. Using the accurate data from Frese BYPASS, you can optimise pump operation and avoid unnecessarily high flow in the bypasses.

Another benefit of Frese BYPASS is that it gives you an excellent tool for identifying potential problems if a customer is experiencing challenges. Having insight into the distribution network's current pressure and temperature conditions and access to historical data allows you to achieve the optimal differential pressure.

It's easy to implement Frese BYPASS

What does it take to implement Frese BYPASS? It's quite simple. You receive a set of instructions explaining how to simply insert the valve as usual and then connect the sensors and control box. You can quickly log in and get started by scanning the QR code.

Frese BYPASS is easy to integrate into existing systems, and because it's wireless and battery-powered, it doesn't require complex or expensive electrical connections. Plus, you get everything you need in one go – including access to FLOWCLOUD®, unlimited users, and an open API to pull data into your own system.

Want to see a demo?

If you have any questions or want to see how Frese OMLØB works, we're happy to give a live demonstration.