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Green Castings

Frese Metal constantly aims to improve the environmental impact, and make our products greener. Quality casting at Frese Metal is not only based on high quality raw materials, but also focuses on areas such as product lifespan, environmental impact and product efficiency.

One way of making casting products greener, is to improve the product lifespan. We often see that by changing the alloy we can improve corrosion resistance, which gives an overall cost and environmental benefit for our customers, both in the short and long term. By using the most efficient alloy for every specific casting, we are able to deliver a product which is much stronger and more durable. By redesigning the product to reduce wall thickness, through the use of a stronger alloy, and with optimization of the production process, we are able to produce a casting product with a reduced weight. Also, an improvement of the surface smoothness results in an optimized performance and efficiency of your pump or valve.

Environmental performance:

We have customers in the maritime industry where focus is on turning down cycling into cradle to cradle recycling, and being able to achieve and maintain a “green passport”. We are therefore highly focused on meeting the requirements from the IMO resolution A.962 (23), in order to deliver castings in line with international environmental demands.

In 2005 Frese initiated the implementation of product traceability within the production, and since 2009 has had a fully implemented traceability system. As a result, every single component produced at Frese Metal is in line with the cradle to cradle principle. With a clear marking, it is possible to determine the specific metal compound and trace the product.