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PV Compact, Spectrum-series

Differential Pressure Control Valve

Save pump energy and ensure trouble free commissioning of the system with the PV Compact, Spectrum-series.

By design, PV Compact, Spectrum-series has a high Kv value which means it achieves the lowest pressure loss of any comparable differential pressure control valve on the market. This upgraded version of our differential pressure control valve is equipped with a scale on the cap that makes presetting much easier.

Due to fluctuating differential pressures, heating and cooling systems often create noise because the thermostatic control valves are unable to close completely.

Despite the more regular use of variable speed pumps, in larger systems the differential pressure will increase when the system is in a partial load condition. This causes an increase in system noise and the control valves to regulate inefficiently.

The PV Compact, Spectrum-series valve ensures a constant differential pressure across the load or circuit and subsequently, very accurate control valve regulation.

Due to the compact design of the valve it is easily installed in both domestic and commercial heating and cooling systems.