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Frese SMART Balance

Commissioning Unit

The Frese SMART Balance commissioning unit is a wireless, handheld commissioning tool for differential pressure measurement and flow verification in heating and cooling systems.

The Frese SMART Balance offers simple differential pressure measurement and flow verification for a variety of balancing valves including the Frese STBV balancing valve range and the Frese Dynamic Balancing Valve range.

All Frese valves are preloaded in the software and can be selected for flow verification.


The main components of the Frese SMART Balance are the handheld terminal and the measurement sensor. The measurement sensor is connected directly to the balancing valve PT points using the hose kit. The measurement sensor connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the handheld terminal, transmitting the flow and pressure readings.

Frese SMART Balance is easily operated by following the onscreen instructions displayed on the handheld terminal and by using the detailed instructions included with the unit.

The Frese SMART Balance handheld terminal is preloaded with the Frese balancing valve data and updates to the app are received automatically.


The Frese SMART Balance is delivered in a protective case for ease of transport.

Main components: