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Flow into control in your district energy network


One central access point to all your Frese BYPASS units


Remote Flow Control as a Service

Flow into control with Frese BYPASS

Frese BYPASS provides deep insight into your district energy network, allowing you to optimize energy efficiency by lowering temperature and reducing pressure.

Controlling the flow in your district energy network no longer needs to be a guessing game. With the new Frese BYPASS solution you will be able to monitor, operate and control your systems remotely, thereby ensuring significant savings on energy as well as on your bottom line.

At Frese we are focusing on ways to add intellingence to components in district energy networks in order to increase their value to both service providers and customers.

Frese BYPASS consists of an old favorite: The OPTIMA Compact PICV, which is a pressure independent control valve, and a new, intelligent and battery operated controller, which enables remote operation of the valve.

Actual insight with precise data

The central benefit of Frese BYPASS is that it provides actual insight and eliminates some of the uncertainties of pressure and temperature calculations.

We have collaborated closely with several Danish district heating providers in the development of Frese BYPASS and the benefits of actively using your bypass units are obvious. You can reduce heat loss in your network, and ensure that your customers always have acces to hot water. The new data also allows you to optimize pump operation, avoiding unnecessarily high pressure.

Significant savings through minor changes

Extensive field testing of Frese’s new IoT product supports these claims.

Viborg DHC has conducted a large-scale prototype test by retrofitting around 30 devices into its existing bypass units and has already made a few changes in its network. So far these minor changes have shown major potential in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings.

With the precise data provided by Frese BYPASS Viborg DHC’s Distribution Manager Tom Diget realized that the pressure in a specific part of hís network was unnecessarily high and was able to lower it by 0.4 bar, resulting in annual savings 27,400 kWh – equalling DKK 18,400 - in this area alone.

Viborg DHC has now turned its focus towards temperature control, and Tom Diget has high expectations:

- By placing Frese BYPASS strategically in the grid, the return temperature can be raised slightly at the critical points, while the inlet temperature can be lowered throughout the network. That's where the money starts rolling in. Each time we lower the inlet temperature by 1 degree, we save DKK 250,000 in reduced heat loss, he explains.

Plug-and-play technology

Frese BYPASS is designed with easy operation in mind. It can be retrofitted into existing installations, and because it is wireless and battery operated there is no need for complex or expensive external connections, wi-fi or sim cards. The solution uses the LPWAN network Sigfox, which has its own infrastructure already in place. The Sigfox business model is built on transparent subscriptions with fixed monthly rates per unit. This ensures maximum financial predictability for the customers.

Remote control via dashboard

Operating Frese BYPASS is easy via the web-based dashboard Frese FLOWCLOUD®. This responsive platform provides one central access point to all your Frese BYPASS units where you can obtain further insight into your network through historic graphs of pressure, temperature and valve position on your computer, smatphone or tablet. As we develope new features, these will be made available through Frese FLOWCLOUD®.

Data needs to go where our customers need it to go, so if this is not the right platform for the customer we also offer third-party API. Data sharing will only accelerate as district energy and other utility companies start reaching for further optimization and synergies, and we want to give our customers the best possible tools for that process.

Sigfox ensures connection

Frese BYPASS is an IoT product – a part of the so-called ”Internet of Things”. This means that the device can communicate electronically with its surroundings – in this case via the Sigfox network. Sigfox utilizes Narrowband technology or LPWAN, which is excellently suited for the very small data packages, which the Frese BYPASS needs to transmit and receive. This network also distinguishes itself by extremely low power consumption and very long reach. The Sigfox business model is built on transparent subscriptions with fixed monthly rates per unit. This ensures maximum financial predictability for the customers.

Currently Sigfox is practically nationwide, but if you install a Frese BYPASS where the signal coverage is limited - for example, deep inside a building - then the signal can easily be improved with a signal repeater.

Read more about the Sigfox technology here..


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