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Remote Flow Control as a Service


One central access point to all your Frese FLOWGUARD units


Battery operated IoT-based solution that helps you operate your heating application in new and intelligent ways

We have made it easier to monitor and control the heating supply all the way to each individual consumer. Frese FLOWGUARD makes it possible to open and close the flow of each installation via the Frese FLOWCLOUD®

What is Frese FLOWGUARD?

Frese FLOWGUARD is a completely battery operated and wireless valve system, which can limit or turn off the flow in any liquid based heating and cooling installation. At the same time you receive continuous feedback on, among other things, pressure and temperature in the installation where the Frese FLOWGUARD is mounted.

Frese FLOWGUARD is monitored and operated via the webbased Frese FLOWCLOUD®. With the Frese FLOWCLOUD® dashboard you have one central access point to all your Frese FLOWGUARDS with access to historic graphs of pressure, temperature etc. You can operate a specific Frese FLOWGUARD as needed and even add information such as name, adress and unit ID. This is a simple and individual way of creating the neccesary overview.

Adding new Frese FLOWGUARDS to Frese FLOWCLOUD® is done simply and intuitively by scanning the unique QR code on each Frese FLOWGUARD with a mobile phone or tablet.

Sigfox ensures connection

Frese FLOWGUARD is an IoT product – a part of the so-called ”Internet of Things”. This means that the device can communicate electronically with its surroundings – in this case via the Sigfox network. Sigfox utilizes Narrowband technology or LPWAN, which is excellently suited for the very small data packages, which the Frese FLOWGUARD needs to transmit and receive. This network also distinguishes itself by extremely low power consumption and very long reach. The Sigfox business model is built on transparent subscriptions with fixed monthly rates per unit. This ensures maximum financial predictability for the customers.

Naestved District Heating Company is using Frese FLOWGUARD

Frese FLOWGUARD is already being used by Naestved DHC in Denmark where the solution has been retrofitted into 200 of their existing heating units. Frese FLOWGUARD was created in close collaboration between Frese and Naestved DHC, and there has been a great satisfaction regarding the development of the product. "The wishes we had were listened to. We couldn't wish for anything more", says customer manager, Arne Ulstrup, from Naestved DHC

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