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Frese strengthens District Energy division

We wish to offer complete solutions for our customers’ benefit. That is why we have decided to expand our District Energy division with three new employees.

What began as a solid idea, giving Frese a prominent position in the market for intelligent IoT District Energy solutions, has gained momentum, and we are now taking serious aim at a sector, which will play a crucial role in future climate efforts and the green transition.

We are continuously, and in close collaboration with several district heating companies and other partners, developing new products and tools, which help District Energy providers optimize their energy consumption, benefitting both their bottom line and consumers.

This requires a skilled staff with deep insight and a broad understanding of the industry.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce three new highly experienced colleagues, who will help us provide the best possible service to our District Energy customers. Their expertise will strengthen our ability to provide not just components, but also complete solutions. In other words, Frese will have a much wider product portfolio for the district heating sector in Denmark and in other countries, which are also heavily invested in District Energy.

The three will join Business Development Manager Martin Overbjerg, who since April 2019 has been a key player in Frese's development and sale of IoT solutions to District Energy, and Søren Wandy Pedersen, who is responsible for the Danish sales department for District Heating.

Frese's three new employees are:

René Graugaard, Sales & Business Development Manager, Valve Systems

René Graugaard is an expert in fully welded ball valves and their applications in district heating networks. This spring, Frese acquired DE Valves A/S, which develops and manufactures this type of valve. René Graugaard will stengthen our sales organization, making us an even better partner for our customers, and help boost sales in this segment.

Thomas Heide, Sales & Business Development Manager, Cabinet Solutions

Thomas Heide is an expert in cabinets and covers for the district heating sector. This product area has great synergy with our IoT valve products, which are often placed in the kind of cabinets that Thomas Heide has extensive experience selling. The aim is to sell IoT valves both for upgrading existing cabinets, and as a package solution with new cabinets or wells with covers. All with the goal of reducing heat loss and improving the operating economy of the network operator.

Lotte Holmgreen, Sales Support

Lotte Holmgreen is an effective sales supporter who will support the sales work for the entire Danish district heating team. She will be the key organisational employee, who will create the basis for the sales effort and who, through active dialogue with our customers, will ensure that we live up to their expectations.

Book a meeting:

Our three new colleagues have clocked in at Frese on 2 November 2020, and you are very welcome to book a meeting with one or more of them.

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