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Frese joins Euroheat & Power as an ambitious district energy player

Smart buildings and smart energy systems, which are interconnected and can communicate throughout district heating and cooling systems, are key elements of the global green agenda. We are ready with intelligent and energy saving solutions as a new member of Euroheat & Power.

Just a few years ago, when you heard the name Frese, you would have probably thought of high-quality dynamic valves for buildings. And while this is still our core business, that established technology has since become the foundation for a new focus on the district energy sector.

- We are building up our offering into heating and cooling networks. We have always been experts at hydronics. That is what we do. Wider Delta Ts, improved system efficiency, that is our DNA. We are using that as a base to make our offering to district energy much larger, says Global Sales Director for Frese, Stephen Hart.

A technological eco-system

At Frese we see ourselves as an element of a wider eco-system with connected products and solutions for the entire energy center and distribution network. Aside from our PICVs and other valve types, which we have added to our product portfolio in recent years, the acquisition of DE Valves in 2020 enables us to offer fully welded ball valves for underground installation in heat networks. Valve cabinets and valve pit covers have also become part of our product programme.

- We are now going from the front end to the back end of the district heating system. But you cannot really talk about a “system” unless all the parts are connected. What we want is a smart building connected to a smart network. And a smart network can only be smart, if you can gather information, analyse it, and use it to continuously optimise performance. This is where our IoT and FLOWCLOUD solutions come into play. They allow you to monitor your sensors and control drives remotely, they give you both wide and deep insight into all parts of your district energy network, and allow you to continuously respond to changes in demand, Stephen Hart explains.

Pushing boundaries

It was these digital solutions, which first caught the eye of Euroheat & Power’s Managing Director, Paul Voss.

- We are delighted to welcome Frese to the EHP community. With the European Green Deal and the wider energy transition reshaping the business environment of our entire industry, we are all under pressure to keep pushing the boundaries of how green, efficient, and innovative district energy networks can become. Frese brings the desire, the experience, and the know-how to help make it happen, he says of the organisation’s new member.