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Viborg District Heating Company

Viborg DHC has been a central partner in the development process for Frese BYPASS. The district heating company has conducted a large-scale prototype test by retrofitting around 30 devices into its existing bypass units. Results are already showing on the bottom line.

Since installing the devices in the summer of 2019, Viborg DHC has systematically analysed all the data received, and this has caused the company to make a few changes in its network.

So far, these minor changes have shown major potential in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings.

Insight through precise data

Because Frese BYPASS provides actual insight into each individual installation, it ensures more precise data than the calculations the company usually works with.

- In a specific area of our network we could actually reduce the pressure much more than we had expected. We had set the pressure according to a regular pressure calculation, but data showed that we did not need that level at all. We could reduce the pressure by 0.4 bar in that area, explains Tom Diget, Distribution Manager at Viborg DHC.

This modest change in the district heating network reduced the energy consumption 27,400 kWh, leading to annual savings of DKK 18,400 in this area alone.

Lower temperature - better bottom line

Expectations for Frese BYPASS are even higher when you look at the potential for lowering temperatures in the district heating networks.By placing Frese BYPASS strategically, the return temperature can be raised slightly at the critical points, while the inflow temperature can be lowered throughout the entire network, says Tom Diget:

- That’s where the money starts rolling in. Each time we lower the inflow temperature by 1 degree, we save DKK 250,000 in reduced heat loss. That’s the real money, and that’s what we should be able to do with this solution.

Remote control from the office

Tom Diget has a clear message to his colleagues in the district energy sector:

- Get started and install Frese BYPASS in your network. The data has already been very valuable to us, and at the same time we get a BYPASS solution that we can monitor and control remotely from our office, so we don’t have to bother our customers, he says

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