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22 March 2006

Cooling exhibition - 17, 18 March Odense, Denmark

For the fourth time Frese were participating in the Danish Cooling exhibition - Danske Køledage - in Odense, the 17 - 18 March 2006.

The exhibition is partly a conference, partly a possiblility for companies within this specific industry, to show faces as well as new products. The exhibition went very well and we are very pleased with the end-result.

In order to try something new, this year we had appointed Allan Buch, cartoonist as eye catcher. Allan made some very nice drawings of our visitors and these can be downloaded from this site.

The valve Frese Optima was presented as news from Frese. An automatic balancing control valve (100% authority for every possible preset flow).

For further information of the Frese Optima - please click at the Optima site.

Ove Haugen