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3 April 2006

Frese OPTIMA – the intelligent solution

The new Frese Optima combination valve is designed to combine automatic balancing and full modulating control regardless of the preset flow.

The innovative design of Frese Optima introduces an intelligent control valve that adjusts itself automatically to the preset flow in order to provide full stroke modulating control. When the installer presets the valve according to the maximum design flow, the stroke of the control valve remains the same thus providing 100% modulating control. In practical terms, Optima ensures there are no overflows and that below the design flow, the actuator has total authority.

Furthermore, Optima combines all the necessary features to ease the work of the designers and installers:

The Frese Optima is the best solution for all terminal units of heating and cooling applications. It is the safe choice for the designers, the easy choice for the installers and the comfort choice for the end-user.