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OPTIMIZE systems with solutions from Frese

Solution providers Frese are pleased to announce the release of OPTIMIZER, a pressure independent control unit for 4 pipe coil applications.

The Frese OPTIMIZER control unit is an integral component of the pressure independent balancing and control group that provides efficient and effective individual room control or BMS controlled energy management in 4 pipe systems.

The OPTIMIZER Control Group consists of the OPTIMIZER control unit, two 3 port control valves with on/off actuators and the Frese OPTIMA Compact pressure independent control valve with a 0 to 10V modulating actuator. It controls both heating and cooling with only one single data point from the BMS.

Jens Johansen, Frese OEM Project Manager, comments “this solution is ideal for 4 pipe coil applications whereby the actual terminal unit only contains a single coil. The OPTIMIZER control group responds to an external input signal from a BMS or localised room controller to switch the supply and return from heating to cooling or vice versa, depending on the requirements”.

“From an installation aspect, the design of the control group makes the process simple, flexible and quick whilst the compact nature of the products means only a small space is required for the complete group” he continues.

At the heart of the OPTIMIZER control group is the Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV that provides flow, temperature and differential pressure control with full authority and modulation regardless of fluctuating pressures in the system, optimizing the energy savings. The solution also benefits from the additional features of PICVs including simple and flexible commissioning, quick selection and sizing and the removal of other system balancing valves and differential pressure control valves.

The innovative Frese OPTIMIZER modulating control group is available in DN15 for flow rates up to 1,330 l/h and can be used in a variety of applications including heating and cooling ceilings, fan coil systems and decentralised ventilation units.