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Frese wins PwC's Export Prize

Friday, November 9, was the fourth year in which Slagelse Municipality's business community met to praise some of the year's most prominent initiatives, business ideas and achievements.

A total of 4 winners in the categories Initiative Prize, Entrepreneurship Prize, Grangia Business Prize and PwC's Export Prize were to be awarded.

At Frese we are extremely proud of both the nomination in the PwC's Export Price category and the fact that we can also call us winners of the category.

At the presentation of the nominees, it was said:" We are dealing with a strong field of 3 highly worthy nominees. This year we award the prize to a company that in recent years has performed exceptionally well in export markets and which in particular has marked Denmark and Slagelse outside its borders."

Although the task was not easy for the jury the following made a great impression on them:

The winner of this year's export price is a company which for many years has been a beacon among our export companies in Slagelse. "

The other nominees for the export price were Planets Pride A/S and CUC Engineering A/S.