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BrochureSimplified cooling systems

Simplified cooling systems

Pressure independent control valves from Frese can help achieve cost and energy savings in all types of hydronic process cooling systems

Industrial cooling requires precise, stable, and reliable process management. Operators must meet high quality standards while still keeping an eye on cost effectiveness and the bottom line. At Frese, we can help you with both of these essential tasks.

A central benefit of installing pressure independent control valves is the simplified commissioning process, which can save our customers 50% to 80% on commissioning time, since the valves require no proportional balancing. They automatically adapt to any changes in the rest of the system.

Frese’s dynamic valves also ensure high energy efficiency and can lead to pump energy savings of up to 50% when working in combination with a variable speed pump.

These benefits are available for all types of cooling systems, including:

You can find more information about Frese’s industrial cooling projects and our product programme in this brochure.