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What is Sigfox?

Frese FLOWGUARD and Frese BYPASS use the Sigfox network to send and receive data from the valve’s control box. This allows you to operate every single installation from your desk or out in the field via the webbased Frese FLOWCLOUD®. But what is Sigfox really? Get an overview of the technology behind here.

Who is Sigfox?

Sigfox is a French company, which emerged in 2009 with the goal of launching a global network dedicated to IoT - The Internet of Things. Their motto was “Make Things Come Alive”. They have succeeded and Sigfox is now used in more than 60 countries around the world in no less than 6.7 million units in many different industries.

Sigfox collaborates with local network operators in the various countries. This means that, as a customer, you will cooperate with a national company.

How does Sigfox work?

The concept of broadband has long ago become part of our everyday language. Sigfox operates at the opposite end of the spectrum, using so-called Narrowband technology.

Where Wi-Fi and mobile technology allow us to send large amounts of data very quickly, for example when streaming video content, Narrowband can only handle very small amounts of data. In Sigfox, the devices can send data packages of only 12 bytes per second and receive 8 bytes, which corresponds to approx. 12 and 8 characters. In many IoT projects, however, there is no need for more.

This applies to Frese FLOWGUARD and Frese BYPASS, both working perfectly within that technological framework.

The major advantages of Narrowband lie in the international name for this type of network: LPWAN - Low-Power Wide-Area Networks.

Because the amounts of data are so small, and the devices only send and receive at certain times, they use very little power. Therefore, they can be battery operated, making them relatively inexpensive as there is no need to invest in infrastructure in the form of connection to the main power supply. This shows both on the bottom line and in the installation process. The batteries have a life expectancy of up to 5-10 years dependent on type of product.

In addition, Narrowband technology has a very long range, and data can easily be sent from the device to a base station located several miles away without using extra power.

Another advantage of this technology is that it is not based on the mobile network, as many other technologies are. This means that the device does not have a sim card, but only a chip, which makes it far less complicated.

What does Sigfox provide?

Sigfox owns their own technology, and their national network operators pay a fee - a license - for using the system.

All data goes through Sigfox’s servers in France, while the national network operators are responsible for the entire infrastructure and creation of the base stations through which the customer’s units communicate.This is a subscription model that requires only limited effort. The customer does not have to do all the work - and carry all the expenses - to develop and operate infrastructure and IT systems.These resource-demanding elements are simply part of the package at the national network operators and Sigfox.

How good is the coverage?

Sigfox is constantly expanding its global coverage by building new base stations in order to ensure better and more stable connections.

You can find updated information on the roll-out and expansion process on your national operators website. Please find your national operator at


What about the security?

At a time when debate about hacking and cybercrime is running at full pressure, it is essential for Sigfox to control security all the way through the network chain.

The device itself - in this case Frese FLOWGUARD or Frese BYPASS - is triple secured: first with an authorization ID, then by sending all messages three times on different frequencies with a very narrow bandwidth, which is effective against jamming. And finally, because the device does not use MAC and IP address, which means it cannot be accessed by any outside hackers.

The base stations with which the devices communicate are secured with the Trusted Platform Module security technology that complies with international standards (ISO / IEC 11889).

Sigfox is Cloud based and hosted in secure data centers in France. The company has a strong focus on preventing crashes and protecting itself from cyber-attacks.

Last but not least, the customer’s communication with Sigfox is sent through a secure connection to the same standard as when shopping online with credit cards.

Why did Frese choose Sigfox?

Sigfox was chosen because they have a unified platform that can be used worldwide. It’s a super-easy, consistent technology that fits perfectly in Frese’s setup, where battery life is important and the amount of data is very small. Frese FLOWGUARD and Frese BYPASS do not need to exchange more data, the rest is built into the controller firmware. So, it just needs to know what to do, and then it will figure out the rest for itself.

To customers, this means that they get a solution that is very easy to install and handle in everyday life. For example, you do not even have to set up a radio network, as was the case with many of the remote read meters that have been installed in recent years. It is already there. Also, there are no sim card complications, as everything is hosted in the built-in chip. The entire infrastructure is established for the customer from the start.

Sigfox is as close to plug-and-play as it can get. This is where the advantage lies.

At the same time, the financial aspects are transparent, as there is a completely fixed subscription price per. unit. And if the unit is in an area where coverage is not optimal, there are also fixed prices for different types of signal repeaters.

Nippel/Nippel (ekslusiv modulerende aktuator)

1200C, PN25, DZR

VVS-nummer Frese nr.

406748.103 53-1300

406748.104 53-1302

406748.304 53-1304

406748.106 53-1312

406748.206 53-1307

Nippel/Nippel med 2 stk. trykudtag (ekslusiv modulerende aktuator)

1200C, PN25, DZR

VVS-nummer Frese nr.

406749.103 53-1320

406749.104 53-1322

406749.304 53-1324

406749.106 53-1332

406749.206 53-1327

Muffe/Muffe (ekslusiv modulerende aktuator)

1200C, PN25, DZR

VVS-nummer Frese nr.

406746.104 53-1342

406746.304 53-1344

406746.106 53-1352

406746.206 53-1347

Muffe/Muffe med 2 stk. trykudtag (ekslusiv modulerende aktuator)

1200C, PN25, DZR

VVS-nummer Frese nr.

406747.104 53-1362

406747.304 53-1364

406747.106 53-1372

406747.206 53-1367

Aktuator til Frese OPTIMA Compact

Termo aktuator On/Off, Modulerende til Frese OPTIMA Compact DN10-20


406749.624 48-5520

406749.630 48-5521

406749.674 48-5522

406749.684 48-5523

Elektrisk modulerende aktuator til Frese OPTIMA Compact DN10-20


406749.424 53-1056

406749.460 53-1058

Isoleringskappe til Frese OPTIMA Compact

Isoleringskappe EPS, medietemperatur max 800C


406749.920 38-0855

Frese OPTIMA Compact

Trykuafhængig strengsregulerings- og motorventil

PICV - Designet til at kombinere dynamisk regulering og fuld modulerende kontrol uanset forindstillet flow.

Det innovative design af Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV introducerer en intelligent motorventil, som kan forindstilles til et ønsket max. flow og sikre fuld modulerende kontrol. Selv med forskellige forindstillinger bevarer man den fulde slaglængde, hvilket giver en mere nøjagtig regulering.

Den indbyggede differenstrykregulator giver en 100 % modulerende kontrol, hvilket sikrer en optimal komfort og stabil drift. Samtidig opnår man store energibesparelser, da ventilen automatisk regulerer til netop det flow, der er behov for. Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV kombinerer alle funktioner - og gør dermed arbejdet lettere for rådgivere og installatører.

Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV anvendes i varme- og køleanlæg i applikationer med fan coil units, airconditionanlæg samt veksler- og blandesløjfeanlæg. Ventilen giver modulerende regulering med fuld autoritet uafhængigt af variationer i anlæggets differenstryk. Frese OPTIMA Compact PICV kombinerer en eksternt justerbar dynamisk reguleringsventil, en differenstryksregulator samt en modulerende motorventil med fuld autoritet. Den fulde styring af flowet i bygningen opnås let og samtidig skabes en høj grad af komfort og energibesparelser. Desuden kræves der ingen regulering, hvis yderligere trin føjes til anlægget, eller den dimensionerede kapacitet ændres. Energibesparelser opnås via optimal styring, lavere flow og pumpetryk. Maksimering af ΔT som følge af hurtigere reaktionstid og øget systemstabilitet.